A special case for Floyd Mayweather Jr story

Before we discussed about his special case story, let us first know a little background of himself. Born as Floyd Joy Sinclair, to his mother Deborah Sinclair. But later took Mayweather surname at 11 years old. He started boxing at early stage with his father.

Family Issue

There’s a history of violence and drugs in their family but beyond this issue, we see a more dedicated Floyd in this line of career he chose in spite of all those troubling issues in his life. Back when he was young, he was already a fighter in life before fame came in. His mom was a drug addict and he grow up with his grandmother. He also had a father-relationship issue since as a young boy and somewhat made a big impact in his life to some extent. Boxing was his outlet, where he can bent out all his frustrations and emotional turmoil. That’s where he found his joy and passion.

Floyd senior was imprisoned when the young boy was making his way in the amateur scene, due to involved in drugs selling. So Roger Mayweather (his uncle) took the responsibility of his career at the same time became a father-figure to him. Earning more the love, care, attention and support the boy expected to received from a father. Indeed Roger was there, building his career and putting it into the spotlight. He made a huge success in his career and young Floyd was very grateful for his contribution.

Boxing record and controversy

Floyd Jr had 49-0 record in boxing, setting aside the fight with an MMA fighter, Conor McGregor. Floyd has been undefeated and had a great success in every fights. Though some of them where controversial, but he managed to maintain his record status.

Just as the rise of his name in the boxing scene was, we also see how he got into domestic violence and battery. To some extent had led to his imprisonment. Floyd had a struggle outside the ring and he’s not winning on it.

In his boxing skills, he had perfected the craft and had figured out his way to winning. By the way, the term winning doesn’t mean he dominated all the rounds or kicked out all the opponents. He doesn’t even known to be as a heavy puncher or knockout artist. At some point we could see how he strategized his way in winning. He goes there to win and not the gladiator or warrior type you expect in some of his fights.

Outside the ring

He is pulling motivations from his experience in life and apply it in his style of boxing. Keeping his inner self intact and defend as much. He had been hurt, therefore he does not want to put a stain in his records as much as possible. Because that’s where he gains approval. That’s what he learned and it has dictated all throughout his career. But the arena outside the ring is not always that easy.

Keeping yourself on guard and getting protection is very important because that’s where the part he had to play in keeping up in life. The life he experienced before was the very thing he doesn’t want to repeat again. That’s why he is what he is. We may never know the full story of his life outside the ring. But the Lord knows.

My takeaway

He maybe somewhat annoying to others, but he made his name through his experience and talent. He was born to be in that position for a purpose and the man we knew in the ring, has a story to tell. His life story is a special case that remind us that whatever your situation in life, whether your surrounded with not the most typical place you want to be in but, you could still succeed. There’s God. After all we are all his children.

For me, yes he may not be the best ever boxer, but history has written his name and records.

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