Boxers who had more than 200 fights in Boxing career

Today we will breakdown the list of those boxers who had more than 200 fights. We will also breakdown who had more wins, lose, draw and had most fights in their career. I choose the list by myself and arrange them accordingly.

Most Fights

Len Wickwar is on the top list followed by Jack Britton and Johnny Dundee. By using this list, we will try to check also on who had the most wins, most draws and most lose.

#Name# of Fights
1Len Wickwar471
2Jack Britton340
3Johnny Dundee320
4Sam Langford306
5Ted Kid Lewis301
6Maxie Rosenbloom296
7Alabama Kid293
8Young Stribling289
9Battling Levisnky289
10Kid Azteca253
11George Rose250
12Jack Dillon249
13Freddie Miller248
14Cocoa Kid247
15Dave Shade247
16Willie Pep241
17Benny Bass241
18Angel Robinson Garcia239
19Chalky Wright236
20Tommy Freeman234
21Fritzie Zivic233
22Johnny King227
23Benny Valger224
24Harry Corbet223
25Archie Moore219
26Benny Leonard216
27Tod Morgan216
28Harry Mason214
29Charley Salas210
30Pablo Dano210
31Rene Vos208
32Len Beynon205
33Kid Williams204

Most Lose

#NameMost Lose
1Len Wickwar86
2Angel Robinson Garcia80
3Johnny Dundee73
4Fritzie Zivic65
5Alabama Kid62
6Jack Britton60
7Cocoa Kid58
8Pablo Dano57
9Battling Levinsky54
10Harry Mason54
11Charley Salas53
12Harry Corbett53
13Johnny King50
14Kid Azteca49
15Ted Kid Lewis46
16Chalky Wright46
17Tod Morgan45
18Maxie Rosenbloom44
19Sam Langford43
20Benny Bass41
21Benny Valger39
22George Rose38
23Len Beynon34
24Freddie Miller30
25Kid Williams30
26Dave Shade29
27Jack Dillon29
28Rene De Vos27
29Archie Moore23
30Benny Leonard22
31Tommy Freeman20
32Young Stribling16
33Willie Pep11

Most Draw

#NameMost Draw
1Dave Shade62
2Sam Langford52
3Johnny Dundee46
4Jack Britton43
5Len Wickwar43
6Pablo Dano39
7Battling Levinsky38
8Tommy Freeman33
9Tod Morgan33
10Jack Dillon31
11Maxie Rosenbloom28
12Harry Corbett24
13Ted Kid Lewis23
14Alabama Kid23
15Rene De Vos23
16Angel Robinson Garcia21
17Chalky Wright19
18Young Stribling17
19Benny Valger17
20Johnny King15
21Charley Salas15
22Harry Mason15
23Kid Williams12
24Cocoa Kid11
25Kid Azteca11
26Len Beynon11
27Archie Moore10
28Fritzie Zivic10
29Benny Bass10
30Benny Leonard9
31Freddie Miller7
32George Rose4
33Willie Pep1

Most Wins

#Name Most Win
1Len Wickwar342
2Young Stribling256
3Jack Britton237
4Ted Kid Lewis232
5Willie Pep229
6Maxie Rosenbloom224
7Freddie Miller211
8Sam Langford211
9Alabama Kid208
10George Ross208
11Johnny Dundee201
12Battling Levinsky197
13Kid Azteca193
14Benny Bass190
15Jack Dillon189
16Archie Moore186
17Benny Leonard185
18Tommy Freeman181
19Cocoa Kid178
20Chalky Wright171
21Benny Valger168
22Kid Williams162
23Johnny King162
24Len Beynon160
25Fritzie Zivic158
26Rene De Vos158
27Dave Shade156
28Harry Corbett146
29Harry Mason145
30Charley Salas142
31Tod Morgan138
32Angel Robinson Garcia138
33Pablo Dano114